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Bulgarian culture

The crossroads has been well visited: Neolithic remains, Thracians, Greek colonies, Celtic state, Roman legions, Proto-Bulgarians and Slavs at the gates of Byzantium, and then Byzantine and Turkish domination. Army movements and religious, diplomatic or trade missions brought with them a variety of models, imagery, beliefs and myths. Hellenic expressiveness, Roman severity, myths from the Orient and (later) the influence of Islam were dealt with differently by the Thracians, and then the Slavs and the Proto-Bulgarians. When Christianity was imposed on a pagan people, Christ was confronted with the Slav god Peroun and the Proto-Bulgarian god Tangra. Amongst the Proto-Bulgarian treasures, there is the legend of Ganymede (kidnapped by Zeus), but is it him or the ascension of Tangra? Influences have been integrated into original myths, bringing different people, cultures and ideas together.

More influences: The Thracians and the Greeks, The Greco-Roman heritage, The Slav and Proto-Bulgarian contribution


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