A short history of Bulgaria


Founded in 681, Bulgaria is one of the oldest states in Europe. Its history is marked by its location near Europe’s frontier with Asia.

The Bulgar tribe settled in what is currently Bulgaria in approximately the seventh century. In the year 681 Bulgaria became the first sovereign state for the Slavs.

In the Middle Ages, military bravery enabled one of the four oldest European countries to become also one of the strongest. The quest for knowledge which is so typical of the Bulgarians, made the country into the cradle of Slav Christianity because it created its own alphabet and linguistic and literary heritage which it transmitted to all the Slavs. Seven of the last ten centuries were marked by cruel foreign domination but the Bulgarians unique survival capacity helped them to regain their liberty in 1878. Since that date, the Bulgarian army has always successfully defended its flag and has never lost a battle but diplomacy and Bulgarian politicians led the country into two national catastrophes. Many are now talking of a third national catastrophe due to the terrible poverty, never before seen.

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