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Museum towns

Spectacular museum towns with an unforgettable atmosphere have preserved the authentic Bulgarian architecture from the National Revival period. Beautiful old houses behind stone walls and heavy wooden gates along romantic narrow cobbled streets, picturesque little squares, ice-cold water running from stone fountains even in the hottest summer days, pots overflowing with geraniums and the omnipresent roses – time stands still in these authentic old towns that cannot care less about the rush of modern 21st-century life.

Historical and cultural monuments

Historical and cultural monuments reflect an eventful past. The fortified walls and battle towers of Tsarevets hold memories of royal greatness and heroic battles. The Madara Horseman is the only rock relief in Europe. Frescoes in the Boyana Church show some of the earliest signs of Renaissance painting. Performances are still held in the Roman Theatre in Plovdiv with its incredible acoustics. Churches with lavishly carved iconostases and magnificent icon collections are part of this country’s spiritual and artistic heritage.


Numerous monasteries which are today precious architectural and artistic monuments have played an important role in the preservation of the Bulgarian national identity through the ages.

Wine cellars

The wine-making tradition in these lands dates back to Thracian times. Universal favourites such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Muscat, Riesling and Traminer are produced along with less familiar but nonetheless excellent local brands such as Melnik, Mavrud and Gamza. Dozens of wine cellars that combine latest technoilogy with traditional hosapitality welcome visitors who appreciate the pleasure only good wine can give.

Rural tourism

The traditional Bulgarian hospitality is best displayed in the old traditional villages where families welcome those interested in rural tourism.




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